Cadmus Publishing didn't begin in a garage... but it did start small, in Eagan, MN. Author's Herald (our parent company) provides publicity for authors. As a bonus service, they provided basic publishing services. As time went on, this service became very popular - many of their publicity clients were frustrated over how they were treated by the companies they went through for publishing. Seeing the need for trustworthy, affordable publishing and marketing, Author's Herald set out to improve their offerings so that authors could have the full, competent, personal, and friendly service they had come to expect from Author's Herald.

With Cadmus, we are now able to give unrepresented authors a better option. One where you maintain complete ownership and higher profits of your book, but can still print at an affordable rate.

Working with us

Author's Herald - our parent company - has been working with authors for well over a decade, and our staff is drawn almost exclusively from there. Your personal contact has years of experience, tools, resources, and much more - on top of their own experience. Your personal contact knows the industry - they are not just some random person manning the phone when you call; they are someone who has a solid base of experience under them.

Customer Success Manager: You will have a 'CSM' - one person who handles your account from when you first call; this will also be the person who leads the team working on your book - even as you come to us with your follow-up books next year or the year after. They don't have to wade through someone else's notes about your project - they have been with you from the beginning, helping you, learning about your needs, and answering your questions. This is not a phone jockey - this is your publishing partner.

We take great pride in what we do here. We don't throw together every possible thing we can think of that wouldn't do you any good just to make ourselves look better or take more of your money; we offer services we have tried, tested, and been pleased by the results.

Why Cadmus?

  • Lower cost than other large houses;
  • Personal contacts who know your account;
  • All American;
  • Publishing packages to suit your budget;
  • Options to get you the quick marketing start you need in this competitive industry;
  • Experience, resources... and people who genuinely care about you, the author.

Really, the question should be: Why go anywhere else?



We can't write your book for you - but our team can handle pretty much every other aspect of the process, getting it ready to go to print.



We utilize the broad, worldwide distribution of Ingram and its many partners such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and so much more.



Whether purchased a la carte, or bundled in our various publishing package options, we have the means to jump start your marketing efforts.

Customer Care


Too often companies lose sight of the most important facet of their business - you, the customer. We know the reason we are here: to serve you. We strive to provide the best possible service and are proud to state that you will see the difference yourself.


  • Layout/Editing
  • Publishing
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Customer Care

Authors face enough hurdles already. Publishing shouldn't be one of them. WE shouldn't be one of them.
Alicia - Cadmus CEO