George Kayer

George Kayer, CEO of Cadmus PublishingAt age 69, it has been a less than boring time on Earth, yet we must wonder what George's life might have been had the medical community been aware of dyslexia and bipolar conditions back in the 1960's and 70's. From an early age George was able to achieve most goals he set for himself and like many high achievers would become board with a project after meeting his initial goal: until he went to prison.

1967-69, participated in a study group with the infamous author A.L. Ward, learning hypnotic regression and progression practices. In 1968 the National Rifle Association published his first article in their magazine 'American Rifleman'. George was 14. Soon afterwards his dyslexia dominated his learning abilities and he began failing English classes. Finding other areas of interest not requiring spelling abilities didn't take long. In 1971 he received payment for his first professional photograph. The next year George started one of the first ecology clubs and owned the first 'Head shop' in Northern Arizona. In 1972 he joined the U.S. Navy, studied aviation ordnance at NAF JAX, Jacksonville, Florida. Then stationed at NAF Andrews, Washington DC.

After leaving the military George married his high school sweetheart and had a daughter, unfortunately they divorced soon afterwards. In 1977 he began college and married the princess to be of Afghanistan. Tragically, Russia invaded Afghanistan and killed her uncle, the king. In 1978 he assisted Professor Lavis create the first solar energy program at Arizona Western College in Yuma Arizona. A year later received his first job as a design engineer, creating a patent design for a gold recovery invention. By 1980 he and his wife had separated and George paled around with Chuck Hanes from Hanes underwear. George said: after Chuck returned from Vietnam the family ostracized him, like many vets Chuck couldn't reintegrate into society and had few friends but we could relate to each other.

After a few years on the party scene George settled down, found full-time work at the Satellite Store in Phoenix Arizona. In 1984 he wrote the first technical manual for home installations of satellite dishes and traveled to Mexico City for that countries first international electronics conference to promote his book. In December of 1993 George was arrested for murder in Laughlin, Nevada. After two years existing in horrible conditions in Yavapai county jail he filed a 37 count, pro se, conditions of confinement suit against the county. The day George left for death row the Department of Justice took over the county jail and George settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

In early 2000, Kayer was inspired by a pen pal, Author Nancy Mairs. Mairs encouraged Kayer to begin writing again, he has since spent the last 20+ years helping inmates connect with critical services listed in his resource guides like Offline Shopper and Snail Mail Pen paling: information previously unavailable to prisoners. George said he has tried to retire several times but it's just not in the cards. He sold his business to Freebird Publishers in 2015 only to begin again in 2017 with Prison Living Press, which he sold last year, 2022, then acquired Cadmus Publishing LLC. in September of 2023.


Ken Passaro

Ken Passaro, CEO of Cadmus Publishing Like too many American citizens released from prison, Kenny Passaro was turned out with nothing but his dependency on prison-issued psych meds. Of course, without a permanent address, money, or change of clothes, finding a job or housing was impossible and resulted in three and half years of homelessness. Shortly after giving his life to God Passaro joined a local reentry program for x-offenders, found work, saved his paycheck, and arranged housing. Over the next five years, Passaro became a notary and licensed minister in NY and NJ.

Serves on his church's Evangelism Team and volunteers in the community food programs. Knowing the difficulties people in prisons are faced with Passaro started a prisoner services company. As with most underfunded start-ups with inexperienced owners, it soon failed. Undeterred, Passaro studied business practices, saved his money and in early 2022 purchased Prison Living Press. The company publishes online content for prison tablets and two print magazines: Offline Shopper and Snail Mail Pen Paling.

In August of 2023, Passaro learned of the closing of Cadmus Publishing thus leaving nearly 300 authors without a distributor. Passaro reached out to his mentor, George Kayer, and together arranged the purchase of Cadmus Publishing.




We extend our sincere gratitude to the previous owners of Cadmus Publishing and Authors Herald. They started small like millions of American entrepreneurs and built a respected company by placing their customer's needs ahead of greed. We are honored to be chosen to carry on the challenge of fanatical, personal, and trustworthy customer service that Cadmus is known for. Before buying Cadmus Publishing, now Cadmus Publishing LLC. We researched the competition and found Cadmus to be tops in a large variety of services offered under one roof with more affordable pricing too. We don't plan on changing a thing, except to expand marketing to bring more visitors on the site to enjoy all the books our authors have published with us.


Working with us

We do not employ one salesperson, when you contact us you receive an experienced author liaison with access to our complete team. One of our owners is one of the most published prisoners in America with over 14 years of experience in writing, being published and marketing publications. And, each staff member is a specialist in their respective field to ensure our customers optimum experience during their publishing journey.

Customer Success Manager: You will have a 'CSM' - one person who handles your account from when you first call; this will also be the person who leads the team working on your book - even as you come to us with your follow-up books next year or the year after. They don't have to wade through someone else's notes about your project - they have been with you from the beginning, helping you, learning about your needs, and answering your questions. This is not a phone jockey - this is your publishing partner.

We take great pride in what we do here. We don't throw together every possible thing we can think of that wouldn't do you any good just to make ourselves look better or take more of your money; we offer services we have tried, tested, and been pleased by the results.

Why Cadmus?

  • Lower cost than other large houses;
  • Personal contacts who know your account;
  • All American;
  • Publishing packages to suit your budget;
  • Options to get you the quick marketing start you need in this competitive industry;
  • Experience, resources... and people who genuinely care about you, the author.

Really, the question should be: Why go anywhere else?


Whether you write with pen and paper, iPhone, or are in prison, we got ya. Cadmus is a full-service publishing company with experts for each publishing specialty to ensure your book shines.


CHOICES: print and distribute your own book, choose Amazon or our partner integration, making your book available from Walmart to Warsaw. All free with our Standard Package or above.


Your book is printed and available online, now the work begins to inform potential buyers. Cadmus offers the full range of marketing choices: Reviewers, bloggers, social media, Google, and targeted press releases, all with data driven analytics.

Customer Care

Yes, Cadmus is the new kid on the block. And there's one reason we have served 300 clients in three short years: come grow your brand with us and find out why. No empty promises here.


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