If you are looking to get your book into brick-and-morter bookstores, your chances improve dramatically by allowing them to return the books that don't sell. In fact, most bookstores won't even consider a book for their shelves if this is not an option. If you are not concerned about bookstores carrying your book, then this is not for you.

Our options let you keep your books returnable for 1, 3, or 5 years (bookstores have a limited time of 180 days to return a book - the options below are only for how long you keep your book marked as 'returnable', NOT for how long the bookstores have until they return it).

1 Year Returnability: $299

3 Year Returnability: $499

5 Year Returnability: $699

Remember! Bookstores need more than returnability - most will also not accept your book for their shelves unless the industry standard bookstore discount of 40-55% is available! For this reason, the book is marked at 50% discount for bookstores. If you are on the Full Royalty program, keep in mind how this will affect your Royalties.