Clarion is the industry's first and most trusted review service for indie authors. With over a hundred reviewers, they have the right person to review your book; the ones who love your chosen genre. Clarion reviews follow a specific layout:

"The Money Quote"
In one sentence, they inform readers immediately what sets this book apart using dynamic, active language that is perfect for promotional purposes (like cover blurbs, etc).

"The First Paragraph"
A brief introduction with a synopsis and what the reviewer thought about it. Could serve on its own as an abbreviated review.

"The Star Rating"
With 400-500 words, the entire review gives a comprehensive critique of plot, pacing, characters, and overall writing. One of the most thorough reviews available - and at a quick turnaround!

With our Clarion review package, you can expect to have your review within 5-7 weeks. You also have the option of publishing your review on their high traffic website and having the review licensed to book wholesalers, or keeping it private. You are able to use the review for your own marketing purposes, and can even use it on the book itself (typically a line or two on the cover is sufficient).

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